My Why- Why I Became an SRES®

Last Update: 12:23 am | By: Michael

Why Became a Senior Real Estate Specialist®. . . . . .

Valuation of Property Handling Seller Opposition to List Price

Last Update: 11:07 pm | By: Michael

Many have viewed my recent post on real estate data and some have privately asked about the months of inventory category. So the following is the story about a listing appointment we had recently. A BTS (Behind the Scenes) look into our recent listing appointment with a potential seller that had some push-back to the list price and how we "sealed the deal"! Seller: "I want to list the property high so they can lower the price if necessary. Listing Broker(MAW): "That is not the best strategy t. . . . . .

Economic Cycles & Real Estate Investments

Last Update: 8:48 pm | By: Michael

Real estate investing is, in essence, the art of determining the value of a cash-flow asset through a progression of time that includes: past, present, and future. An investor must have the mindset to comprehend the economic phases of the real estate market in order to better determine how the asset will perform on an ongoing basis. The residential home market is more localized and impacted from community/regional economic data; however, the multi-family and commercial markets are driven by t. . . . . .

How Timely are Rent Payments?

Last Update: 2:50 pm | By: Michael

The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially crippling to the housing industry, particularly in the multi-family arena, where there has been almost an 8% drop in reported rent payments (year over year). Through the first week of December, the National Multifamily Housing Council reported a 5% reduction in collected rent compared to the first week of November with rent collection dropping by 180,000 households from November of last y. . . . . .

COVID-19 Rent Delinquencies

Last Update: 2:49 pm | By: Michael

Due to COVID-19 mandates, there have been some changes to the legal notification process landlord must convey to tenants. The Tenant Relief Act was passed in California stating that tenants could not be evicted if they did not pay rent for reasons related to to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The effective period for the initial phase of the eviction moratorium was March of this year through the end of August . September 1, 2020 marked the start of a second phase to the moratorium where tenants are req. . . . . .

Rent Control & Just Cause Eviction Form Preparation for Viewers of our Listing

Last Update: 4:02 am | By: Michael

What is AB 1482? This Assembly Bill passed in 2019 and became law effective January 1, 2020. It is a state wide rent control measure that caps rent increases at 5% plus CPI (Consumer Price Index) and restricts the eviction of tenants for reasons other than just cause. Landlords of Single Family Dwellings and Units In HOA's There is an exemption for owners of single family residences and landlords with tenant who reside in Common Interest Developments as long as the owner is not a corpor. . . . . .


Last Update: 8:07 pm | By: Michael

. . . . . .


Last Update: 10:12 pm | By: Michael

Commercial property owners can now breathe a sigh of relief as momentum for tenant’s rights legislation SB 939 that compromised the lease provisions for rent payments and contract termination has come to grinding halt. In an astounding turn of events, the California Senate Appropriations Committee voted to hold Senator Scott Wiener’s bill in suspense; therefore, the bill will not advance to Assembly for a vote. The Committee hearing on bill resulted in it being moved to the ‘Suspense Fi. . . . . .

COVID-19 – How it will Change the Way People Buy Homes

Last Update: 4:21 pm | By: Michael

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how business is conducted in nearly every sector, and real estate is certainly no exception. People will always need a place to live, but what kind of homes they look for—and how they conduct their search—is likely to be very different in the coming months than it has been in the past. The spring season is often a busy time for home purchases but that has not been the case in 2020. Mandated shut-downs have slowed home sales significantly compared to pa. . . . . .

Weinstein’s Group Move to Make RAA Law

Last Update: 1:02 am | By: Michael

In 2018, voter's rejected Proposition 10, which was a measure to dismantle the Costa-Hawkins Rental Act and would have made instituting rent control ordinances feasible for local municipalities. It was my contention that AIDS Foundation Chairman, Michael Weinstein, who was behind the push to get Proposition 10 on ballot, would pursue a new rent control initiative in the future. I was not surprised when a new initiative, The Rental Affordability Act, was adopted by the Weinstein's group. The n. . . . . .

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