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It’s the Agent that Counts!

Brokerage brand or name does carry weight with some buyers and sellers but Global

Realty Group believes that a prospective client selects an agent not just the name of

the brokerage. Global Realty Group agents are trained on the concept of necessary

interaction, negotiation skills, and expertise in crossed trained niche markets of the

industry to fulfill the objective of customer satisfaction that brings about referrals for

continuing business.

Agent Support System

The Global Realty Group Agent Support System is structured to ensure the

transactions of it agents are moving in a manner consistent with corporate and

company policy and that the agent has appropriate counsel on various issues that

occur throughout the deal. This system of support will lead to increased agent

productivity which is absolutely essential in the ever-changing world of real


By effectively supporting our agents, Global Realty Group brings more value to

the clients.

Global Realty Group believes the needs of agents have changed over the past 20

years or so. We offer more support in vital areas to assist in increasing market

share such as: support in vital a blogging assistance, website development/SEO

squeeze page branding, and video utilization for marketing.

Agent Referral System

Our corporation has specific goals in term of agent brokerage affiliation and will enlist

our agents to assist with the recruiting process by referring agents to the company and

receiving commission incentives of up to 15% of the broker’s split on first closed

transition of the referred agent.

Agent Growth Potential

Global Realty Group as the biggest real estate firm in the world is not just a motto we

want to utter because it sounds good but is a reality we have set in place to achieve by

building a brokerage model that grooms agents to be team leaders that will eventually

become or have the potential to become managing brokers at newly established office

locations throughout the southern California basin.

That is our goal.

That is the growth potential for the right agent.

Agent Specialty/Niche Structure

Real Estate is a vast world with a board spectrum of transaction types that requires

agents to become proficient and experienced in specific properties and deals. Global

Realty Group has adopted an organizational matrix approved by corporate board of

directors that requires the managing broker to ensure that agents are encouraged for

training in individual niche areas and sub-markets that will eventually become specific

departments for our firm.

The operational structure is based on the necessity to obtain the market share by securing

a volume of sales transaction consistent with corporate objectives.

There will be a selling agent sub-category for each department to service the need of the

specific market of buyers.

There are also opportunities for our agents receive additional income as listed below:

A la Carte Transaction Services

Limited Service Listings (Flat MLS marketing only) $495 minus $95 broker

referral fee.

FSBO Consultant: Agents assist sellers with transaction in a non-paperwork capacity

providing expert consultation in the area negotiation, modification of terms and

other problematic issues $895 minus a $195 broker fee

We offer a 90% cap after a specific sales volume is reached (new Agents Only).

A new agent that starts at 70% can reach the 90% cap based upon the

level of closed transaction.

Split Level Increases:

Starting percentage 70(All new agents)

After 5 transactions split increases by 5%

After 10 transaction split increases by an additional 5%

After 20 transactions split can reach the maximum of 90%

Depending upon the Commission Split level some or all of the

following is included or discounted with the Agent Brokerage


Assess to Company App (valued $99 a month)

Agent Facebook IDX Page 1st yr (valued at $149 a year)

Agent IDX Website(valued at $130 per month -SEO not included).

Company approved educational workshops/seminars.

Competitive E & O rates

Competitive TC fee rates

Minimal Desk Fees which include business cards

Experienced agents have the option of Graduated Commission split started at 75-80% or 100% commission with a $695 per month fee and a $495 per transaction fee.

All potential candidates are required to participate in one telephone interview and appear at our office for one meeting

with our broker and office manager.

Any prospective affiliated agent shall have no D.R.E. disciplinary actions and is required to

complete a questionnaire on transaction files to determine the level of experience and

approval for commission split.

Prospects shall be required to comply with company written policy for independent

contractors that will be provided for review and acknowledgement of receipt along with

Arbitration and Commission Split agreements.

Agents will be provided with a form MISC 1099 for tax filing purposes. Pursuant to

state law, Global Realty Group is required to provide standard Worker’s Compensation

insurance for all parties providing services to the firm as either an employee or an

independent contractor at the cost of the firm. Global Realty Group offices adhere to a

strict policy to ensure a safe work environment and the offices are also covered by

liability insurance.

All person working for TeamOne Global Incorporated or any if it subsidiaries which

include Global Realty Group are bound by corporate and company policy relating to

sexual and/or other physical-psychological types of harassment as defined and

prohibited by California law (FEHA) and federal law (Title VII of Civil Rights Act of

1964) which is generally defined as any unwelcome sexual advance or other conduct

of a sexual nature.

We sincerely hope that select our firm as your new real estate brokerage home.

It will be an experience that will enhance your career more than you ever believed it could!!!!