2019 Senior Real Estate Series: Aging In Place

Aging in Place:

Many seniors choose not to sell their property and remain in their home for a variety of reasons. It is a conscious decision to sustain the comforts that are important to them such as independence. There are supplementary services necessary to facilitate their living condition and maintain a decent quality of life. Aging in place can only address problems that have been planned for in a person’s life.

Despite the level of fitness or how well a person take care of their business, aging presents certain challenges such as reduced eyesight, diminished mental/physical endurance, and decreased flexibility. There are also changes in the activities of daily living for seniors which include maintaining one’s home and outdoors without strain and making it to social events without difficulties.

Senior and their families must determine what is of utmost importance to them and be honest about what they can and can not do or afford. The key questions become: what the ideal way is to spend the retirement years, what type of environment they envision, what type of special health care is required, what supplementary services are available, and what options are there in case of emergencies, life changing events or accidents.

Aging in Place does not mean a senior has to everything on their own. It means they can do as little or as much as they choose and are capable of doing.