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All of us here at Global Realty Group extends our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to ALL Frontline Workers for the dedication and sacrifice. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an immeasurable amount of strain (physically, emotionally, financially) on all of us, but it is our Frontline Workers that are taking the hardest hit.

The ‘Donate A Meal’ program was adapted by our office to support our Frontline Workers and to assist in keeping the local economy afloat by directing consumers to utilize food service retailers in their communities by placing delivery orders from a small business of their choice. The consumer will also identify which specific ‘essential’  front line entity they wish to select for receipt of the meal. Our agents will only request the name and location of the retail business they select to place the order as well as the ‘essential’ business.

If you are a Frontline Worker, or have a friend or family member that is a Frontline Worker and you would like to participate, please contact our office at (310) 538-6884 for more information.

Disclaimer: Our agents never ask for personal information such as: credit card number, bank account information, social security or driver’s license information.

Essential Front line Entities are defined as:

Hospitals/Emergency-Urgent Care Facilities               

Retail Grocers   

Retail Order Processing Outlets                                                     

Law Enforcement Departments                                   

Fire Stations

Emergency Paramedics

Postal Service Workers


Food Service Retailers are defined as:

 Fast-food Establishments

 Retail Grocers                      

 Coffee Shops

 Specialty-Dessert Retailers

If the consumer does not have a location in mind, one can be provided by the agent with no obligation to purchase items from any establishment. Please check with your tax adviser to determine if the donated meal(s) would be considered tax deductible.

Upon confirmation of the order with the food service retailer, the consumer will be automatically be entered into a drawing to win a free gift card provided by our firm.

Our firm is a third party entity and therefore not responsible for disputes between consumer, retailer, and meal recipients regarding customer service, timeliness of delivery, accuracy of the order or level of satisfaction thereof.

Please help us in our efforts to assist our valued Frontline Workers today!

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Thank you and please stay safe and well!

Global Realty Group


Please assist our small retail eateries today!
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